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Colorado Springs Attorney Reviews & Testimonials

"My husband & I settled in and felt most comfortable from our first meeting with Buell & Ezell, LLP. The entire staff helped make the difficult task of putting our Estate Planning in order a lot less stressful! They were very efficient and expedient and before we knew it, we had the finalized documents in hand! Thank you Buell & Ezell, LLP!"
Thomas & Kathleen Burke

"From the initial meeting, I felt respected as an intelligent person ā€“ a treatment sorely lacking from other firms Iā€™d engaged with regarding an extremely complex trust situation. The team quickly assessed the strengths and weaknesses of a poorly constructed framework, demonstrating clarity and expertise in the field of living trusts ā€“ giving me confidence that they could in fact execute successfully my wishes."
Susan Bassett

"The law firm of Buell & Ezell brought peace of mind to my estate planning. Their careful consideration and expertise aided me to ensure my wishes were followed and carried through."
Robert S.

"My wife and I greatly appreciated the speed and professionalism with which Buell & Ezell supported us."
Matthew Reeves